Things to do

So as to truly make the most of your stay in Tahiti, we highly recommend the following excursions for the insight they provide into the Polynesian culture and environment. The school is happy to organise day trips and visits for its students.
Of the following activities, visits to museums and gardens, the cinema and shopping trips usually take place during the week, in the afternoon after class. Longer excursions, such as hiking and the trip to Moorea, take place at the weekend. Watersports and trips to the beach and lagoon can be organised any day of the week.


Top 10 things to do in Tahiti on


  • Musée Gauguin
    This museum retraces the life and work of Gauguin, the French painter who lived in Tahiti at the end of the 19th century.
    Notice : temporary closed for renovation
  • Musée des îles
    A museum located close to the school dedicated to the history of life in Polynesia before its discovery by the Europeans.
  • Botanical Gardens, Papeari
    Over 450 species of tropical plant within extensive grounds of 105 hectares.
  • Beaches, lagoons and watersports
    You will have unlimited opportunity to explore the tranquil lagoon. Snorkelling will allow you to discover a multitude of multicoloured fish. Diving lessons and escorted trips are a fantastic means of getting to know all the creatures of the lagoon. Alternatively, the more sporty may prefer to take a boat out onto the calm waters, go surfing at one of the numerous surf spots around the coast, or try their hand at kite-surfing, fun-boarding or riding a hobbie cat.
  • Hiking
    A wide variety of hikes and walks are available in Tahiti’s mountains, with or without a guide.
    The lava tubes are a particularly interesting day out
    Restaurant in the center of the island
  • Moorea
    Only one hour away from Tahiti by ferry, or 7 minutes by air, Tahiti’s sister isle is a haven of unspoilt beauty, with white sand beaches, a crystal-clear lagoon, and lush vegetation. Don’t forget to take a trip up to the mountain top for a stunning view out over Cook’s bay, and a walk through the tropical forest.
  • Shopping
    A trip to Papeete provides the chance to do some very unique shopping. Little curios sell locally-produced arts and crafts made of materials such as mother-of-pearl, tropical wood, fabric, shells and coconut trees. Alongside these lie the luxury boutiques where you will find Tahiti’s most precious and beautiful product : the black pearl.
  • Nightlife
    There are bars and nightclubs a-plenty in Papeete, open until dawn and especially lively at the weekend.
  • Cinema
    Papeete has 4 cinemas, with about 10 screens. The latest Hollywood blockbusters are shown, alongside popular French films.
  • Golf
    Golfers can keep up their swing at the Golf International d’Atimaono, an 18-hole course.
In addition to the ideas mentioned above, we can also advise you on other trips and excursions, such as longer visits to other islands in French Polynesia. Air Tahiti offers many short breaks to islands and atolls in all of Polynesia’s five archipelagos, to suit all interests and budgets.