The Timetable

Group classes take place Monday to Friday from 8.30am until 12.10 am Each class lasts 50 minutes, and the morning is divided into two parts, with a 20-minute break in between.

Bank holidays 2020/2021


Standard courses


Learning the foundations of spoken and written French
Interactive and stimulating teaching methods, based on everyday situations. Intensive teaching of correct pronunciation. Role-plays and scenarios


Improving knowledge and understanding of the language
Flexible approach revolving around the development of oral and written expression. The student is able to reinforce his/her knowledge of the language and to develop a more extensive vocabulary and an improved grammatical knowledge. All work will focus on comprehension and speaking / writing skills. Knowledge of the language in all areas (grammar, syntax and vocabulary) will be improved through a variety of methods, including discussion sessions, studying films, analysing press articles and reading and discussing contemporary literature.


In-depth development of language skills
Students who already have a good knowledge and understanding of the French language will be able to expand their skills through precise study of specific points of grammar, syntax, and more complex vocabulary. This will enable the development of a higher standard of oral and written language skills. For those who already have an excellent working knowledge of French, classes will concentrate on more creative aspects of the language, enabling the student to explore his/her abilities through creative writing workshops, public speaking workshops and other such activities. Teaching will concentrate on oral skills. However, reading, writing and grammar will not be neglected, rather interwoven within the lesson for a streamlined learning process. Our classes offer the study of a great range of cultural topics and contemporary issues, and always take students personal interests into consideration for more stimulating discussion..’